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Hi there. I’ll be direct: I am heavily involved in researching public companies that are small, relatively unknown, and have the potential to provide outsized returns. No, I do not promote penny stocks, and since I am not a “promoter”, I do not get paid. What I do is publish research on companies which I am interested in, and believe will do well over the long run.  So, if you are interested in the research I provide, and enjoy the website content, feel free to donate. Note that you don’t have to donate (it’s not a pay site – yet!), but if you like the content and would like to keep it coming, choose whatever fits into your budget. Thanks!

Wow – deep pockets.

I love this site – keep it coming!



Not quite so deep pockets.

I like it, but I have to invest too!


Better than pocket lint.

This is all I’ve got!