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Hi there. I’ll be direct: I am heavily involved in researching public companies that are small, relatively unknown, and have the potential to provide outsized returns. No, I do not promote penny stocks, and since I am not a “promoter”, I do not get paid. What I do is publish research on companies which I am interested in, and believe will do well over the long run. Additionally, I’d also like to keep the site free of ads – my guess is that you didn’t show up here to find the lowest mortgage rate, the best payday loan company, or your next date. So, if you are interested in the research I provide, and enjoy the website content, feel free to donate. Note that you don’t have to donate (it’s not a pay site – yet!), but if you like the content and would like to keep it coming, choose whatever fits into your budget. Thanks!

Wow – deep pockets.

I love this site – keep it coming!



Not quite so deep pockets.

I like it, but I have to invest too!


Better than pocket lint.

This is all I’ve got!