Vecima networks (VCM – TSX)

Position opened: First purchase on April 01 2014, total average cost of $5.71 CAD

Position closed: Last sale on October 02 2016, total average proceeds of $9.94 CAD, plus $0.33 CAD dividends ($10.27 CAD)

Hold period: 2.51 years

Rates of return: 80% (simple) and 26.35% (annualized)

Back in early 2014, Vecima was the opportunity to buy into a technology firm with an attractive technical chart, a squeaky clean balance sheet, good sales, and a history of paying steady dividends. What was there not to like ? Vecima delivered both on a technical basis, as the share price appreciated nicely, and on a fundamental basis, as the business remained sound and paid out dividends as expected. The position in Vecima was closed out when more attractive opportunities presented themselves. The company continues to do well, but the balance sheet is not quite as pristine, and dividends, while steady, have remained flat.