Position opened: First purchase on January 01 2017, total average cost of $0.230 CAD

Position closed: Last sale on February 13 2018, total average proceeds of $0.645 CAD

Hold period: 1.07 years

Rates of return: 180% (simple) and 160.9% (annualized)

The old saying goes something like “you never go broke selling too early”, and it’s true. Unfortunately, for those of you familiar with Pyrogenesis, you’ll know that while selling too early might not bankrupt you, it can hurt nonetheless. This was perhaps my most painful “successful” investment, as had I been paying better attention (and not distracted by the COVID sideshow), I might have actually made a bit more – a lot more. In any case, sometimes I wistfully look out into my driveway at the non-existent European sports car that might have been….


  1. Well, I fortunately had more patience than you. I also bought at an average cost of 0.23 but I held on and sold at $4.55 producing one of my biggest winners ever. And I missed out on even more by selling a week too early!

    1. Hi Steve. I am so glad to hear that. Returns like that are “game changers”, and can significantly alter both ones bank account and perspective on investing. Thank you for visiting, and hopefully both you and I can land another “Pyrogenesis” in the future. Take care!

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