Position opened: First purchase on May 29 2008, total average cost of $0.188 CAD

Position closed: Last sale on January 30 2014, total average proceeds of $2.82 CAD

Hold period: 5.67 years

Rates of return: 1,406% (simple) and 61.2% (annualized)

Arguably one of my better investments, Macro was yet another demonstration that good fundamentals can be ignored for some time. Despite strong financial results, it took a significant amount of time for the rest of the market to take notice, and I admit being discouraged times. However, as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait, and in this case, the long hold period was well worth it. Macro was also instrumental in firmly teaching me that technical indicators have their place in the investment process, as I missed some upside. Although the easy money is long gone, Macro is a company that I continue to keep an eye on.

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